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Silent Coat is the fastest growing sound deadening brand in the United Kingdom. Manufactured in Europe our products are all designed specifically to provide excellent results in a wide range of automotive applications. Using high grade materials with professional design, Silent Coat has established itself as a market leader and are used by many car restorers, audio dealers and engineering companies.

Whether you are restoring a classic car, building an audio system, or trying to give yourself a bit of silent luxury on your daily commute, we have a product or combination of products that will help you achieve your goals while saving money and time.

We can offer a range of sound deadening and sound proofing solutions for car, van, 4×4 and campervan vehicles.

Our classic best selling 2mm deadening mat with military grade construction and highly effective damping, Silent Coat 2mm damping mat is already the choice of many professionals. Install on a vehicles internal metal panels to absorb and reduce vibrations, rattles and road rumble.

A semi open cell polyurethane memory foam material with a special formulation to achieve superb sound absorption and flexibility. The material is designed primarily to absorb unwanted high and mid range frequencies. Install on a vehicle’s interior side panels and roof to prevent echo, reverb and absorb high frequency road noise.

A noise and thermal isolation material made using special closed structure foam technology. Isolator is best used together with Silent Coat Deadening Mat as a 2-layer solution to reduce and absorb airborne noise. Install on vehicle side panels and floor to prevent road noise and help insulate the cabin.

The Silent Coat Noise Buffler is a sound absorption blanket made with a special formulation acoustic material, 20mm thick, with an aluminium foil face and a self adhesive backing.

This product is specifically designed as a noise absorbing hoodliner to sound proof a car bonnet. For the maximum noise absorption it should be applied on top of a layer of Silent Coat sound deadening mat.

The Silent Coat Noise Buffler 20 is a high density acoustic grade open cell, flexible, polyurethane material designed for optimal sound absorption over a broad frequency range. It has excellent resistance to heat, moisture and petro chemicals.



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