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MTX Audio is an American consumer audio company that manufactures sound equipment for applications including car audio, home audio, marine audio and live sound products. They are best known for their car audio products and they specialize in subwoofers and subwoofer amplifiers. MTX Audio is a brand name owned by the Mitek Corporation. MTX Audio’s parent company, Mitek Corporation, patented the square speaker design, which has more surface area for its nominal diameter as it is not measured diagonally. The patent was filed and published in 2007 MTX audio was called Matrecs in 1979. The MTX name came in when Loyd Ivey, then owner of his own company American Acoustic Labs, bought out the Matrecs name in 1979 and changed it to MTX under Ivey’s parent company Mitek. In 1991, MTX Audio acquired Soundcraftsmen, a defunct audio equipment manufacturer which was located in Santa Ana, California, and was called MTX Soundcraftsmen until 1999. In 1984 MTX created the first mobile audio enclosure. Loyd Ivey is the president and CEO of his company MiTek corp. which he founded in the mid-1980s after acquiring Matrecs and the American Case Company. MiTek is the parent company of 13 other companies, including MTX, with manufacturing plants seen in American states and three countries around the world.


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