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The DLS Company (DLS Svenska AB) started in 1979 when three guys (Dawid, Leif and Stefan) had an idea about making a communication receiver without the use of crystals. The receiver should be able to scan all frequencies for the Swedish police, fire brigade, taxi, etc. This receiver production became a great success and continued until 1998 when DLS stopped the production because of low sales for these kinds of products. 100.000 receivers were produced during this period. CAR AUDIO In 1985 the DLS guys got new ideas about going into the growing business of Car Audio and in 1986 the first range of loudspeakers and amplifiers were ready to meet the Swedish market. It was a tough job to introduce a new brand in competition with all the big brands like Pioneer, Clarion etc; but very soon the products got a reputation of having a very high quality. “If you want a good sound in your car – buy DLS”. In the early 90:s, DLS decided to introduce the Car Audio products on the international market as well. The international sales are now steadily growing with new markets added every year. We are now represented in more than 50 countries. The DLS Car Audio product line consists of high quality loudspeakers, amplifiers and some accessories for installation. All R&D are made in our head office in Gothenburg – Sweden by Dawid Koniarski and Mats Andersen. Most of our products are produced by a number of sub-suppliers. MATS ANDERSEN Mats Andersen has worked in the speaker business from 1979 and is well known in the Scandinavian countries as a very innovative speaker designer. Mats have a degree in acoustics at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. From 1986 and 15 years ahead, he was chief designer at the QLN speaker company in Sweden. Mats are the innovator of many new pioneering innovations used by QLN. One of these is the APP (Acoustic performance plug) that was used in one of the first small tower speakers on the market. A similar technique is also used in the DLS T3 speakers. This technique is the reason that a small 3” driver can perform a good bass in a small cabinet. Mats experiences have also helped us to further develop and make our Car audio speakers even better. The EISA award for Iridium 6.2 Car speaker system is a result of this work.


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