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BLAM and the French Sound

Building on our 25 years of experience in designing high-end loudspeakers, we have designed the parameters required to reproduce the dynamics of the recording, while at the same time preserving the natural. This concept is referred to as “French Sound”. It is the subtle balance between accurate midrange reproduction, keeping the emotion of the voice, and the wide dynamic range required to reproduce the subtle nuances and details that give life to the music. Directly out of our laboratory, to our production units and into your vehicle, we bring you our two product lines; Live and Relax..

Manufactured and assembled in our workshops, Premium BLAM systems undergo rigorous testing before leaving the factory. The outsourced products are controlled with a strict tolerance threshold to ensure inaudible differences between products, starting with the entry level.

BLAM wishes you long hours of enjoyment!



Acoustic Audio supplies and installs Blam

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